Why QR code digital menu is MUST for a restaurant, bar, hotel

Digital QR code menu for your restaurant, for Instant & Contactless ordering system is the best COVID prevention you can do for your business

In these hard times when the world and its people need to be more careful than we ever have been asked for, everybody needs to keep in mind their actions in order to protect the people that we love.

In the sunset of the COVID (corona) situation, the businesses will start opening, schools will start blooming, people will start walking around.

But, are we yet safe from COVID?
Well, that we’ll leave to the scientists, however, in order to keep our merry lives in check, in case we are not safe, we have to be mindful of our distance, the mass contact with objects, the gatherings in bars, restaurants, etc.

But is that true tho? Can we not find a solution, as humanity, to be able to still go around, drink/eat our favorite stuff in places we enjoy, and be safe?
Of course we can. And we did.

I know, you wonder... but How?

Well, to not go philosophical about it, let's just go straight at it. Technology! You remember those paper menus that you get served when you get into a bar/hotel/restaurant? No? Well, soon, no one will either, as well.

I don’t know if you are updated yet, but a new trend is going around, it’s called Digital Menu for your restaurant/bar/hotel anything that has guests, and has orders from distance to do. It works great at serving tables at restaurants, or room service in hotels, or gas stations, anything really!

Yes, that exists. And even better, yet, you can slap a sticker on every table in your restaurant, and when your customers scan the QR code with their phone (or write a link in their browser) they also see your digital QR menu on their phones, and order instantly!

So how all that works you might ask?
Very simple:

  • You go on menuino.com/register
  • Enter email, press Submit.
  • Check your inbox, click on the email link
  • When you get to the Admin panel go Menus and create menu
  • Add your products / variations, prices, description, all the stuff
  • Then go to QR codes, and print out your table codes
  • Stick them on the tables
  • Customer comes, scans the QR code on table, menu pops up
  • When order is made, waiter get instantly notified
  • He delivers.

No waiting, No contact, No fuss!

QR Menu code ordering system is the innovation of our time

That being said, I think it’s time to drop the stone-age paper menus, and stop wasting everyone’s time. Digital QR code menu, is the innovation, that every restaurant, bar, hotel, cafeteria, even disco’s, can adopt very easily, and soon, it will be inevitable.

The sooner you do it, the sooner you are going to be one of the “cool kids”.

As far as COVID goes, it not just protects people from the physical contact, of having the waiter on the table multiple times for 1 order to be done, but also, it limits your staff movement (preventing them getting affected, while keeping your guests safe), and also it naturally involves distancing.

The good thing about Menuino is, it’s no hassle for your guests. There are no downloads involved, no tedious registrations or anything.
Scan the code, order.

Same for your waiter. No applications downloads, works on every device, same thing.
Scan the code, monitor, deliver.

It’s very easy to adopt, and with the Menuino Team, we’ll keep it constantly maintained, and updated for you, so anything that you like, don’t like, we are here to hear it.

Thank you for reading this article on How to protect yourself, and your guests from COVID, by adopting a simple technology as QR code digital menu as ordering system in your restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.

For anything that we might help with your transition, please, let us know, we are always happy to help.

Wish you the very best day, and keep on smilin’

Menuino Team.